Water Damage Services

Category 1 (Clean Water):

This is defined as water that originates from a sanitary water source and does not pose substantial risk from dermal, ingestion, or inhalation exposure.

Sources of water: Supply lines, water heater bursts, falling rain water, ice maker lines, etc

Although the water does not pose a danger to the occupant, ESR always recommends a rapid clean up to prevent secondary damages from occurring.

Category 2 (Gray Water):

This is defined as water that contains significant contamination and has the potential to cause discomfort or sickness if contacted or consumed by humans. Category 2 losses can contain potentially unsafe levels of microorganisms, or nutrients for microorganisms.

Sources of water: Drain lines from washing machines or dishwashers, toilet overflows (before the trap), broken aquariums, waterbed leaks, etc.

Gray water losses can pose a hazardous situation to occupants. ESR recommends only trained, certified technicians handle this type of loss.

Category 3 (Black Water):

This is defined as water that is grossly contaminated and can contain pathogenic, toxigenic, or other harmful agents.

Sources of water: Sewage, toilet backflows that originate behind the trap, rising river water, etc.

Category 3 water can pose substantial heath risks to the occupant. ESR recommends using only technicians who have been certified and trained in how to perform this type of mitigation. In a sewage loss, there can be up to 120 different viruses and bacteria in the water.